Review of the book „What's so funny about Microbiology?“

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Sometimes you just need a smile in your dull everyday work...

The book "What's so funny about Microbiology?" by Joachim Czichos (7th extended edition from 2004, published by Czichos-Selbstverlag Ettlingen, ISBN: 3-00-003553-2, is perfect for this!

These wonderful, loving comics have accompanied me over 20 years ago during my time as trainee in a microbiological lab and everyone who is enthusiastic about microbiology will love this book!

On almost 200 pages you get very detailed insights into the science of microbiology in general and the life and activities of our little friends in particular. In this way, you get to know their cultural forms, identification options, location requirements, their dreams and longings as well as the typical small laboratory equipment such as inoculation loops and stamps from a completely different perspective. Insights into eukaryotes such as yeasts and molds are not neglected either. In addition to an excursion into infectiology and genetics, the bacterial places of employment / jobs such as in the biotechnology area are also shown in an extremely amusing way.

This booklet is recommended to everyone who already has a few basic skills, because otherwise not every joke will be understood. The drawings are simply fantastic and provide a small insight into the diversity and special features of microbiology and related areas in a humorous and easily understandable way.

A great book for anyone who enjoys microbiology!

Enough said. For a foretaste, please find below my two favorites (courtesy of Joachim Czichos):


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