HPLC troubleshooting and method optimization


The HPLC is the core piece of every analytical laboratory. If it doesn’t work properly, it can have serious consequences, especially if quality control is involved. A functioning HPLC is the prerequisite for making progress at work in the field of research and development as well. Especially here, new methods need to be established and existing ones optimized to save valuable time and solvents. It’s important to differentiate between different parameters in the case of troubleshooting as well as method optimization. The relevant parameters need to be identified and changed. We offer many years of experience in using and troubleshooting HPLC and support you in troubleshooting as well as method establishment and optimization.


Our services in the area of HPLC troubleshooting and optimization include:

  • Optimization of existing methods to achieve better separation and shorter analysis times (with or without hardware replacement)
  • Joint troubleshooting and problem solving of smaller technical problems
  • Help and facilitation of contacts in case of bigger technical problems or if spare parts are needed