Pharmaceutical translation services (German English)


In the pharmaceutical sector, translations are essential, for example in the context of clinical studies or if you are thinking of the documents required for dossier submission to the authorities such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or the EMA (European Medicines Agency). But not only such big areas require translations, also smaller topics can be of interest. For example, bilingual standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be useful for companies with locations in several countries. Likewise, it may be necessary to translate technical documents and make them available to the partner in case of shared development activities of (two or more) companies of different nationalities. For these topics, we are at your side with our experience and are happy to support you.

The Lösungsfabrik’s MPL (Med Tech, Pharma and Laboratory) division is no translation agency in the traditional sense. Our main activities include the creation and / or review of various pharmaceutical documents of different origins (such as quality control, production, development); some of which are translated into English after creation or which are immediately written in English. This enables us to offer translation services for documents that have already been created coming from a wide variety of different subject areas.

As part of our focus and to ensure a high quality of our translations, we only offer translations of German documents into English or vice versa.

Your advantages:

    • Expertise based on many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with American customers, among others
    • Linguistically flawless, accurate translations
    • Fixed price quotations or invoicing based on expenses (you decide)
    • Adherence to deadline commitments


Do you have a bigger translation job and you’d like to know before what quality you can finally expect? In this case, depending on the size of your document to be translated, we offer to translate a short section or a page of your document free of charge and without obligation. Our quality is our strongest argument.

Should you have further questions we are happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us using our contact form or by sending us an email to